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R&D Centre

The Department takes part in a range of activities like consultancy and other forms of collaboration with various organizations. A number of sponsored research projects have been completed and others are ongoing as part of the Department's continuing industry-oriented project efforts.The research centre consists of following labs.

Radiation Laboratory

It is a part of radiation lab and is being looked after by Mr.K. Rajalingam. This lab is to strengthen research and development in the area of radiotherapy.It provides the dissertation facility to M.Tech students and training facility to UG students.

Microprocessor Lab

The microprocessor lab has a fleet of microprocessor and microcontrollerkits with a large collection of interfacing cards and microcontroller IC burner with software.

Wireless Communication Lab

The trainer kits for optical fiber, antenna, TV, satellite communication, GPS and mobile are used by the faculties in the Wireless andAntenna Lab under to help student understand the practical implementation of the theory covered in the lecture sessions.

PCB (PrintedCircuit Board) Lab

The PCB lab is equipped with latest curing machine, coater, etching machine,shearing machine and chemicals required. The lab is of great use to the students for making the PCBs’ of the projects they submit in the final year as a part of their curriculum.

EDA (ElectronicDesign Automation) Laboratory

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) lab is equipped with various software like Xilinx, modelsim and microwind along with various hardware kits like FPGA and CPLD. This lab is looked after by a highly experienced demonstrator Er. T. Uma Thangaraj.The objective of this lab is to impart detailed understanding of languages viz. VHDL, Verilog, system verilog and implement it on FPGA as well as on CPLD kits. Various UG and PG students of different streams work for their projects and dissertations in this lab.