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Several special experimental set-ups are created from time to time which serve to create interest in students.Students get to enjoy new state-of-art facilities in the department’s well-equipped workshop and laboratories for communication, digital, basic electronics, microprocessor, computer, PCB, Workshop, Computer Programming and research labs with latest software and hardware kits. The labs are as follows.

Digital Lab

The lab has been developed well with the use of kits as well as bread boards to make students understand the basic circuit designing.The labs have a large number of oscilloscopes, millimeters and function generators so that each student coming to the lab has a free hand in his/her experiments.

Communication Lab

This lab is equipped with Amplitude and Frequency modulation, Transmission line, Superhetrodyne receiver kits to impart the best practical knowledge to the students of this growing field of research along with ample kits for analog and digital communication experiments.

Research and Development Lab

The Research and Development Lab has MATLAB, versatile software for all engineers.The lab is developed with the aim of helping the UG and PG students for their projects in every subject from signal processing to image processing to neural network and artificial intelligence.

Workshop Lab

The machine tools required for day to day functioning/fabrication are installed in the Workshop like Machine shop, Welding shop, Fitting shop, Carpentry shop and Foundry shop facilitate with all the required tools. Basic practices are being performed by the students to understand the various operations to be dealt in industry.

Computer Programming Lab

This lab is used for basic engineering fundamentals of computer science like Data structure, data communication, system programming, operating system and web technology. The labs are equipped for all the software and hardware resources.

Communication Laboratory

This lab is equipped with MATLAB software along with various DSP kits. The objectives of this lab is to impart detailed understanding of MATLAB and important features of modeling, simulation and be familiarized with advanced concepts in the field of soft computing using Neural and Fuzzy techniques. The research group in this lab has its members from Electronics, Electrical & Instrumentation. Besides faculty members, many students from various disciplines of UG, PG work on their different projects and M.Tech. It is also used for completing Industrial projects/sponsored projects/student projects, research and development and Imparting training to the industry professionals and running short term courses for students.